Genusis is a leader in convergent technologies operating in the media, entertainment and technology space with wide range of services for a rapidly growing business market.

These innovative solutions of our core gateway services allow your organisation to utilise the benefits of modern communication technologies, reduce costs,improve efficiency and to provide a unique value added service. Genusis's feature affordable and robust messaging solutions that shares the following characteristics:

- Simple yet unique user interface.

- Suitable for variety of business applications.

- Simple, fast and reliable integration into your existing business infrastructure.

- Cost-effective.

- High reach globally.

Our Products

Customer Support

Genusis is proud to offer a full range of integrated services to its customers and business partners. In addition to our portfolio of services, we also offer self-service and technician- assisted support services through our Customer Service Support line.

Genusis aim to provide efficient and reliable after-sales services to customers. Therefore, all request and enquiries, will be conducted in as quick time as possible.

P +603 - 7876 0145
F +603 - 7875 7933

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